Melbourne Dog Training

In Home Dog Training is an effective and individual approach to dog training in Melbourne.  Individual consultations with internationally renowned Dog BehaviouralSpecialist Wesley Laird have been changing the relationship between pets and owners for years. Now it’s your turn to experience the In Home Dog Training method.  

Experienced Training

Wesley Laird brings his 30 years experience in animal training and child psychology to In Home Dog Training’s unique training method. The courses work on an individual basis and are rooted in your dog’s natural instincts, ensuring behavioural problems are remedied once and for all.  

Mobile Dog Training

In Home Dog Training can bring our individual courses to you, and fit around your schedule. The benefit of training in your own home extends beyond convenience. Learning on your own home often has a deeper root of behavioural and obedience training.  

Proven Methods

As a teacher, Wesley is outstanding. His instructions and techniques are proven methods and workable. The instruction sheets provided with and coinciding with each lesson are invaluable. They are concise instructions, easily understood and exact. My experience has been extremely satisfactory in association with Mr. Laird, personally and professionally.

Andrew M. Labrador