Master Dog Trainer/Behavioural Specialist

Wesley Laird has been a leading dog trainer for over 30 years. He has also studied child psychology in California, finding that many elements cross over. This is where he forged the foundations of In Home Dog Training. He has also worked with working dogs in just about every area from guide dogs for the blind, companions for deaf and disabled, law enforcement dogs, therapy dogs, and animal actors in a range of credits.

Wesley Laird appeared in a Foxtel Life Style channel weekly special on training dogs. He has also produced instructional videos and DVDs, has also been a guest on a number of radio shows answering callers’ questions about their pet’s behaviour. Wesley takes an individual approach to dog training, teaching you to be a better owner as well as your dog to be a better pet.

Exclusive Training Method

In Home Dog Training has a unique method of obedience training dogs strongly based in founder Wesley Laird’s background in animal behaviour and child psychology. By honing in on early behavioural psychology, Wesley has found his strategy and techniques effective on dogs of all ages and breeds. The individual approach at the heart of In Home Dog Training ensures that owners and dogs alike learn their proper role in the family (the dogs’ pack). By making the house the classroom, In Home Dog Training ensures that the sessions are focussed on the family dynamic, and not something learned solely in a park.