Andrew M

As a teacher, Wesley is outstanding. His instructions and techniques are proven methods and workable. The instruction sheets provided with and coinciding with each lesson are invaluable. They are concise instructions, easily understood and exact. My experience has been extremely satisfactory in association with Mr. Laird, personally and professionally.

Andrew MLabrador
Shona G

The training is nothing short of brilliant, it works fast, instant results. Buck is happy and I am ecstatic to have a well behaved dog.

Shona GRidgeback/Great Dane
Peter D

At eight months old our dog was out of control. Through Wesley’s training that is now in the past. We have a happier dog, because he knows the rules and respects us. Our possessions are no longer in danger from him either! It is now a joy to have a dog!

Peter DAlaskan Malamute
Larry F

Program delivered as promised it provided a strong effective training program for us to teach our dog. Wesley earned both our respect, as well as our dog’s respect and love. He is thoroughly professional and a pleasure to work with.

Larry FRottweiler
Barbara R

I am so pleased with the dog training service I received. The improvement in my dog is 100%. I highly recommend this training to anyone. Our trainer Wesley Laird was exceptional in his handling of my dog and his instructions to me. I am a true believer in “In Home Dog Training

Barbara RFox Terrier
Ruby and Richard H

Wesley is efficient and in control of our dog and did a good job teaching us to train our dog. She’s already more obedient and well behaved (6 months) than other dogs we’d taken through park training were at 2 or 3 years.

Ruby and Richard HBorder Collie