Training Methods

Leading Mobile Dog Training

Wesley Laird offers different sorts of dog training around Melbourne, from one off consults dealing with particular problems, to ongoing behavioural and advanced training. The In Home Dog Training programme stresses the individual connection between each owner and pet. That’s the benefit of Wesley’s experience, and his ability to train in your own home. The In Home Dog Training method is based on child psychology and dogs’ natural instincts, ensuring the method is easy to follow and logical. Contact In Home Dog Training today to find out the difference
Wesley can bring to your life.

Proper Training Habits Level

The best to start, and all most people need, is the “Proper Training Habits Level”. This is a complete method of training that can be applied to the dog for the rest of its life. It is a lot more training the people than the dog, but both is involved. This programme usually takes place over 3 fortnightly sessions with a follow up review, and is open for review or follow up if needed. Teaching you as the owners to be good consistent pack leaders, demanding more from your dogs, and incorporating consistent approval and disapproval, we can both build up confidence and respect. We can then use that respect for behavioural modifications and teach the dog to do or not do almost anything.

Better Than Magic

Some people know the level is more than they need so the “Better than Magic” one off consultation available for those that qualify. With this one off session more than most people can imagine can be taught. This too is a complete method of training that can be applied to the dog for the rest of its life, backed up with training notes and DVD. This is enough for most people that want to know what to do and apply it independently.

Advanced Coaching Courses

In Home Dog Training offers advanced coaching courses on demand. Contact our team to learn more and find out what benefits Advanced Coaching Courses can bring to you and your pup.

Advanced Training

Other people want to learn as much as they can so more advanced levels and/or top up sessions are available, but with most people the “Proper Training Habits Level” is more than enough.